Is Link Building Still Relevant to SEO?

As of 2024, Link Building is still relevant for SEO. While there are many factors that can impact rankings for an individual search, correlation studies continue to show that a strong backlink profile has a significant impact on a site’s ability to rank for competitive terms.

Search engines use the quantity and quality of links pointing to a website as one of the factors in determining its ranking on search engine results pages. The more high-quality links a website has, the higher its ranking is likely to be. 

However, it is important to note that not all links carry the same “weight.” Links from reputable, high-quality websites are given more weight than links from less reputable websites. 

Additionally, the relevance of the link source to the website’s business, products, or services can also affect the value of the link. As such, link building is still an important aspect of SEO, but it is important to focus on building high-quality, relevant links.

An important caveat to remember here is that link building has drastically changed in connotation to what it was just two or three years ago. Building natural backlinks through creating great content & on-site tools, utilizing partner relationships, thought leadership, digital PR, and other similar high-effort endeavors is still very much important for SEO. Buying link insertions on random websites unrelated to your business solely for the “link juice” is not.

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