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Your goal is to drive more organic leads for your SaaS business. Our goal is to elevate your website’s conversion power and authority to boost business growth.

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How Our SaaS SEO Services Will Drive Leads

Unlike other agencies, we don’t believe in prioritizing SEO tactics that won’t move the needle. While some agencies will recommend dedicating hundreds of hours to lower impact fixes, we know your money and resources are more valuable than that. That’s why, using our SEO for Revenue methodology, we only focus on conversion-driving tactics that will lead to meaningful business growth. We believe that the SEO strategies worth pursuing are the ones that increase revenue and leads, not just rankings.

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What High Impact SaaS SEO Services Do We Provide?


While it’s important to identify which keywords have the highest search volume, it’s even more important to make sure that those keywords match the intent of the page you want to rank.

  • Understand the search intent of keywords you are targeting. We evaluate the keywords you are currently targeting that lead to rankings, but not conversions. Does the ranking page match the search intent of users searching for that keyword? For example, “cybersecurity for nonprofits” would be best targeted with a blog because the keyword has informational search intent.
  • Identify new purchase intent keywords to target. We develop a keyword strategy that ensures we only target search result pages that align with your product offerings.


We start with conversion strategy before developing content strategy. As a result, you will develop an intimate understanding of your customer–specifically the questions they ask when making a buying decision and the messaging that will convert them into customers.

  • Identify pain points customers have before making a purchase. What are the questions someone is asking themselves before purchasing your software? How can we address those questions?
  • Align CTAs with your users’ journey. Based on your understanding of your customers’ motivations and pain points, we create custom call-to-actions with messaging that aligns with their search intent.


While technical SEO is important, most agencies recommend investing excessive time and money into technical fixes that don’t move the needle. We only prioritize addressing technical fixes that will lead to meaningful organic visibility and revenue.

  • Audit for technical issues. We develop a prioritized list of show stopping technical issues that need to be addressed in order for your site to thrive organically.
  • Monitor your site’s technical SEO hygiene. We consistently monitor your site to ensure that if any new high-impact technical issues pop up, we address them in a timely manner before they affect your website, not after.


What’s the reputation of your products from your own website? Do you have any online presence that can vouch for your software?

  • Establish credibility in your industry. Partner with authoritative authors in your space, build relationships with top websites, and develop a community around your brand through reviews and influencer marketing.
  • Engage with current and potential customers. We create content and assets on your website that help current and potential customers answer questions about your brand and products, showing Google that you are the ultimate thought leader in your space.


Oftentimes, we see a lot of SaaS websites leaving vertical and use case opportunities untapped. We identify what vertical and use case keywords should be targeted with a service page and optimize existing service pages to rank and convert better.

  • Vertical and use case keyword research. We perform keyword research and analyze your customers’ use cases and pain points to understand what keywords users are searching for that would buy your product, such as “threat detection software for schools” or “sales pipeline management tool for marketing agency”.
  • Service page creation and optimization. In order for customers to find your services, it’s important to create specific pages targeted towards their unique needs. We optimize existing service pages to make sure they are targeting conversion intent keyword and develop new pages to target untapped customers.


Our content team will audit all of your existing content, uncover opportunities for new or existing content, and build out content that performs.

  • Competitor strategy gap. We take a deep dive into your SEO and service competitors to identify their content marketing strategy. Then, we find the gap that competitors in your space are not capitalizing on.
  • Alternative content format creation. As much as blog content can perform, oftentimes blog content is resource intensive and doesn’t lead to conversions. That’s why we identify if there are alternative content formats that will cost less to create and will lead to revenue.

Are Our Saas SEO Services Right For Your Business?

Focus on Branding & Revenue, Not Just Traffic

Getting a lot of traffic, but not a lot of revenue? Maybe you’re focusing on the wrong kind of traffic.

For example, we worked with a video advertising software company who were having trouble generating leads and revenue. After looking into their site, we realized that they hadn’t developed a strong positioning and they weren’t optimized keywords that would convert. 

We began developing a more targeted positioning and SEO for Revenue strategy. This allowed us to laser focus our content on what their ideal customers wanted to know before they converted. We were also able to pinpoint the type of channels that the strongest leads came from.

In the end, we developed a Webinar series targeted towards pain points PR and advertising agencies faced with online video advertising. This series led to over 1,600 sign-ups and hundreds of qualified leads.

Case Study

A Sleep App Triples Conversions In Just 10 Months

Dawn Health, an app that connects users with sleep resources, wanted to develop a long term SEO strategy that would make organic traffic a consistent revenue stream. By working with them to build authority and thought leadership in their space, they began to dominate the search results, leading to 3x conversions in less than one year.

Frequently Asked Questions About SaaS SEO

What Is A SaaS SEO Agency?

An effective SaaS SEO agency will take a deep dive into not only understanding keywords in your space, but understanding your target audience. By analyzing user paths, pain points, and search intent, a SaaS SEO agency can help you better target your customers through SEO optimization, new content creation,technical fixes and conversion optimization.

How Is SEO For SaaS Different?

SaaS SEO is search engine optimization for Software-as-a-Service companies. SEO for SaaS differs from traditional SEO because of the extensive lead generation optimization and research involved. In order to effectively target potential customers at every stage of the conversion process, it is important to understand pain points, questions users have before making a decision, and their user journey.

How Do I Create A SEO Strategy For A SaaS Product?

In order to create a SEO strategy for a SaaS product, we recommend the following steps:

  1. Ensure that your SaaS product name will be unique and searchable, so if users search for your product there won’t be other products or search results cluttering the SERP.
  2. Understand your customers’ search intent, pain points, and the questions they have before purchasing your product.
  3. Optimize your existing pages for conversion by adding content that answers their purchase decision questions and creating CTAs that match their intent.
  4. Conduct a technical audit of your website to identify whether your website’s performance is optimal for SEO and prioritize the fixes by site impact.
  5. On page optimization and content creation.
  6. Build brand authority through influencer marketing, reviews, and content.