Real Estate SEO Services

Real Estate SEO Services

Your goal is to drive more organic leads for your real estate website. Our goal is to untap your website’s potential with our conversion-first SEO tactics.

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Conversion-Focused SEO To Beat Out The Competition

In today’s existing market, SEO is no longer a luxury, but a necessity if you want to beat out the competition in the competitive and volatile real estate space. And, with over 96% of home buyers searching for their dream home online, it is essential real estate agents and companies have a strong online presence. 

Our 20 years of SEO experience combined with expertise in the real estate space allows us to assess and pursue the best opportunities with the highest conversion power. 

Unlike other agencies, we don’t believe in prioritizing SEO tactics that won’t move the needle. While some agencies will recommend dedicating hundreds of hours to lower impact fixes, we know your money and resources are more valuable than that. That’s why, using our SEO for Revenue methodology, we only focus on lead-driving tactics that will lead to meaningful business growth. We believe that the SEO strategies worth pursuing are the ones that increase revenue, not just rankings.

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What High Impact Real Estate SEO Services Does Our Agency Provide?


While it’s important to identify which keywords have the highest search volume, it’s even more important to make sure that those keywords match the intent of the page you want to rank.

  • Understand the search intent of keywords you are targeting. We evaluate the keywords you are currently targeting that lead to rankings, but not conversions. Does the ranking page match the search intent of users searching for that keyword? For example, “real estate agent boston” would be best targeted with a real estate agent directory or an optimized Google My Business listing, since the intent is to find real estate agents in the area.
  • Develop content to target new conversion intent keywords. We develop a keyword strategy that ensures we only target search result pages that align with your service offerings and will capture leads.


We start with conversion strategy before developing content strategy. As a result, you will develop an intimate understanding of your customer–specifically the questions they ask when making a buying decision and the messaging that will convert them into customers.

  • Identify pain points customers have. What are the questions someone is asking themselves before buying their dream home? Do they want to compare neighborhoods or calculate their expected monthly payments? We recommend high impact ways to address these questions on your website. 
  • Align CTAs with your users’ journey. Based on your understanding of your customers’ motivations and pain points, we create custom call-to-actions with messaging that aligns with their search intent. Specifically, if the user is not ready to schedule an appointment, what other conversion paths should your site offer to nurture them?


While technical SEO is important, most agencies recommend investing excessive time and money into technical fixes that don’t move the needle. We only prioritize addressing technical fixes that will lead to meaningful organic visibility and revenue.

  • Audit for technical issues. We develop a prioritized list of show stopping technical issues that need to be addressed in order for your site to thrive organically.
  • Monitor your site’s technical SEO hygiene. We consistently monitor your site to ensure that if any new high-impact technical issues pop up, we address them in a timely manner before they affect your website, not after.


What’s the reputation of your products from your own website? Do you have any online presence that can vouch for your real estate services?

  • Establish credibility in your industry. Partner with authoritative authors in your space, build relationships with top websites and real estate directories, and develop a community around your brand through reviews and influencer marketing. 
  • Position yourself as a thought leader. We create content and assets on your website that help current and potential customers answer questions about your brand and products, showing Google that you are the ultimate thought leader in your space.

5. Niche audience targeting

Oftentimes, we see a lot of real estate websites leaving niche audience and use case opportunities untapped. We identify what niche audience keywords should be targeted with a service page and optimize existing service pages to rank and convert better.

  • Local audience targeting. We research the locations where your services are the most prominent and identify how to best target those local audiences through niche location pages, Google My Business, and more.
  • Service page creation and optimization. In order for customers to find your services, it’s important to create specific pages targeted towards their unique needs. We optimize existing service pages to make sure they are targeting conversion intent keyword and develop new pages to target untapped customers.

6. CONTENT MARKETING For Real estate

Our content team will audit all of your existing content, uncover opportunities for new or existing content, and build out content that performs.

  • Competitor strategy gap. We take a deep dive into your SEO competitors to identify their content marketing strategy. Then, we find the gap that competitors in your space are not capitalizing on.
  • Alternative content format creation. Although blog content can drive traffic, oftentimes it is resource intensive and doesn’t lead to conversions. That’s why we identify if there are alternative content formats that will cost less to create and will lead to revenue. For example, location based housing directories, home buyer FAQs or niche mortgage rate calculator pages.

Are Our Real Estate SEO Services Right For Your Business?

Hone In On Revenue, Not Just Traffic

Getting a lot of traffic, but not a lot of leads? Maybe you’re focusing on the wrong kind of traffic.

For example, we worked with a real estate company who were seeing lots of traffic to their blog, but not a lot of leads. We quickly identified that their blog was targeting low intent topics like “Best Places To Live In Florida”. While this blog was ranking well and has some topical relevance, it is much lower conversion intent. 

Instead of continuing to focus on this low conversion intent blog content, using our SEO for Revenue methodology, we developed a niche calculator page strategy. This strategy led to the development of real estate calculator pages customized for specific locations, such as “Greater Boston Mortgage Calculator”. Since these keywords had much a higher conversion intent, the niche calculator pages led to an increase in leads. 

Interested in learning more about our SEO for Revenue methodology and how it can apply to your real estate business?

Frequently Asked Questions About Real Estate SEO

Does SEO Work For Real Estate?

Yes, SEO is an effective marketing tactic to grow your real estate business. It is important to note that a successful revenue SEO strategy will not just focus on rankings, but will also focus on content marketing, conversion rate optimization, understanding your users’ journey, and more.

What Is SEO In Real Estate?

SEO in real estate is Search Engine Optimization. SEO for real estate strategies ensure that the website is targeting keywords with high conversion intent, includes credible and authoritative content, and successfully reaches the target audience.

How To Do SEO For A Real Estate Company

Here are 7 steps for real estate SEO:

  1. Conduct keyword research (and pay attention to search intent!)
  2. Optimize your website for best fit keywords.
  3. Ask for features in relevant directories and articles.
  4. Get local with niche location pages.
  5. Fix showstopper technical issues.
  6. Show off your expertise through thought leadership articles.
  7. Monitor results and adjust optimizations as needed.

Case Study

400% Increase In Leads Driven By Compelling, Customer-Focused Content

A tech-savvy mortgage company approached Fire&Spark with stagnated organic search traffic. Using a conversion-focused approach, Fire&Spark prioritized developing their target customer, understanding what compels their customers to convert, and building content that aligns with their unique search intent. This led to a 4X growth in organic mortgage leads.