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We Fix Broken SEO Campaigns

Most SEO campaigns fail to grow your business. Why? They care about the wrong metrics. 

We specialize in fixing broken SEO campaigns by shifting the focus from rankings and traffic to conversions and sales. The end result: strategic, ROI-driven investment. With SEO for Revenue™, conversion strategy is the guiding light of your campaign, not an afterthought.

Rankings Don't Pay the Bills

SEO has always been about search rankings. But, most SEO campaigns deliver rankings and traffic without generating conversions and sales. 

Successful SEO campaigns create tangible business impact measured in dollars, not just rankings.

SEO is Changing (rapidly)

Intense Competition

Competition for search visibility is greater than ever

Generative AI

Search engines will provide searchers with information and answers personalized to their needs

Algorithm Changes

AI search engines are a game changer for SEO

Optimize for Revenue, not Traffic

Organic traffic is worthless if it doesn’t convert. Conversion optimization is an afterthought for most SEO campaigns.

Real business impact is measured in dollars, not rankings. Conversion strategy must be baked into your SEO strategy.

SEO For Rankings

SEO For Revenue

SEO for Revenue Case Study

Crafting CTAs Aligned with Search Intent Leads to a 32% Increase in Conversions

  • Interviewed Salespeople
  • Aligned CTAs with Visitor Intent
  • Developed Organic Conversion Paths
  • Crafted Targeted CTAs
case study graph depicting a 32% organic conversions increase 2022 over 2021

Introducing SEO for Revenue™

SEO best practices are usually implemented without conversion optimization in mind. This leads to SEO campaigns that generate organic traffic, but not sales. At Fire&Spark, we craft SEO strategies with conversion as the primary goal – resulting in an entirely different approach to SEO. We’ve replaced the outdated “SEO for ranking” approach with our innovative SEO for Revenue™ framework.

Modern SEO for AI Search Engines


  • Increase revenue, not just traffic
  • Laser focus on hight intent traffic
  • Selective investment, not endless investment
  • Increase sales on all marketing channels

How it Works

  • Start with up-front conversion optimization – not just an SEO audit
  • Establish authority through relationships – not just backlinks
  • Customer interviews to drive strategy – not just keyword demand
“Fire&Spark is focused on real business results and it shows on our bottom line.”
Josiah Gallo, Lazer Designs
Josiah Gallo
Founder, Lazer Designs

SEO for Revenue is right for your brand if...

🔴 Your organic traffic doesn’t convert

🔴 You want more predictable SEO results

🔴 You are playing the SEO long game
🔴 Customer research drives your messaging

🔴 You want to build long term customer relationships

🔴 You’re tired of endless SEO investment
showing diff eyewear's blue light blocking glasses collection content

DIFF Eyewear, a quality eyewear brand, aimed to rank for top industry keywords like “blue light glasses” and boost organic revenue. Facing competition from established brands and educational pages, they merged product and educational content into a unique buying guide-style page. This innovative approach propelled them from 51st to 3rd position within three months, ranking alongside industry leaders like Warby Parker and resulting in a 124% surge in organic revenue.

“Fire & Spark is the real deal. They know SEO better than anyone. They’re fun, easy to work with and most importantly, they deliver results.”
Brad Flaherty, CMO, Fire Dept. Coffee
Brad Flaherty
CMO, Fire Dept. Coffee
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