SEO For Fintech and Financial Services

SEO For Fintech and Financial Services

Your goal is to drive more organic leads for your fintech and financial services. Our goal is to elevate your website’s conversion power and authority to boost business growth.

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How Our SEO Expertise Will Drive Leads For Your Fintech & Financial Services

As we adapt into the everchanging digital age, SEO has moved from an extraneous service to a necessity if companies want to remain competitive. This is especially true in the fintech and financial services space. Studies suggest that a vast majority of consumers start their financial services journey online. For instance, 90% of loan and mortgage shoppers, 85% of check-cashing consumers, and 76% of tax return preparation consumers begin with online searches

Our 20 years of SEO experience combined with expertise in the financial space allows us to assess and pursue the best opportunities with the highest conversion power.

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What High Impact Financial SEO Services Does Our Agency Provide?


While it’s important to identify which keywords have the highest search volume, it’s even more important to ensure that those keywords match the intent of the page you want to rank.

  • Understand the search intent of keywords you are targeting. We evaluate the keywords you are currently targeting that lead to rankings, but not conversions. Does the ranking page match the search intent of users searching for that keyword? For example, based on our search intent research, “non profit financial services” would be best targeted with a resource page, since the intent is to learn more about the topic rather than convert.
  • Competitor keyword strategy gap. We take a deep dive into your financial SEO competitors to identify their keyword targeting strategy. Then, we find the gap that competitors in your space are not capitalizing on.


We start with conversion strategy before developing content strategy. As a result, you will develop an intimate understanding of your customers–specifically the questions they ask when making a buying decision and the messaging that will convert them into customers.

  • Identify pain points customers have. What are the biggest considerations that drive customers to your service offerings? We analyze your customer data, internal sales and customer service logs, and industry research to identify pain points. Then, we propose high impact solutions to these pain points that can be showcased on your website.
  • Align CTAs with your users’ journey. Based on your understanding of your customers’ motivations and pain points, we create custom call-to-actions with messaging that aligns with their search intent.


We use a strategic blend of on and off-site authority building to win the trust of users and Google. The result will be a brand with strong online presence and thought leadership.

  • Build credibility in your industry. Partner with authoritative authors in your space, build relationships with top websites and financial service directories and develop a community around your brand through reviews and influencer marketing. 
  • Engage with current and potential customers. We create content and assets on your website that help current and potential customers answer questions about your brand and products, showing Google that you are the ultimate thought leader in your space.


Oftentimes, we see financial websites leaving niche audiences and use case opportunities untapped. Capitalize on these missed opportunities with our niche targeting strategies.

  • Vertical and use case keyword research. We perform keyword research and analyze your customers’ use cases to understand what keywords users are searching for that would buy your product, such as “mortgage lending for second home” or “accounts receivable automation for small business”.
  • Service page creation and optimization. For customers to find your services, it’s important to create specific pages targeted towards their unique needs. We optimize existing service pages to make sure they are targeting conversion intent keywords and develop new pages to target untapped customers.

Are Our Financial SEO Services Right For Your Business?

Hone In On Revenue, Not Just Traffic

Getting a lot of traffic, but not a lot of leads? Maybe you’re focusing on the wrong kind of traffic.

For example, let’s say you offer credit counseling services online and you have a dedicated Credit Counseling service page with limited content and call-to-actions to connect with a counselor. 

This page may receive traffic, but most likely it will not receive a lot of conversions and corresponding revenue. Why? Because the page content and conversion touchpoints do not match the intent users have when searching for “credit counseling”. 

Looking at the search results for “credit counseling”, most of the pages that rank are informational pages, discussion boards, and forums. This tells us that most users are searching for “credit counseling” with the intent of learning more about what it is and whether they need it. 

To satisfy this search intent, the credit counseling company may opt to build out a more informational page offering detailed insights into credit counseling as well as conversion touchpoints for users not ready to speak to a counselor, such as “Join our email list” or “Learn more strategies for lowering credit”.

Case Study

Conversion-focused content  For Mortgage Website skyrockets leads by 400%

A tech-savvy company providing mortgage lending services approached Fire&Spark with stagnated organic search traffic. Using a conversion-focused approach, Fire&Spark prioritized developing their target customer, understanding what compels their customers to convert, and building content that aligns with their unique search intent.

Frequently Asked Questions About Financial SEO

What Is SEO For Financial Services?

SEO for financial services is the practice of optimizing a financial firm’s website to rank higher in search engine results. This involves carefully selecting keywords that potential clients might use when searching for financial advice or products and incorporating them into the website’s content. It’s not just about adding keywords, though; the website also needs to provide valuable information and a good user experience to rank well. By improving their online visibility, financial firms can attract more organic traffic, which can lead to increased client engagement and business growth. 

What Does SEO Stand For In Finance?

In finance, SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization,” a process aimed at improving the visibility and ranking of a financial firm’s website in search engine results, thereby increasing its online presence and potential client engagement.