What Is A SERP Feature?

A SERP, or a Search Engine Results Page, is the response page to a search engine query. A SERP feature is any element included in the search results that is not a traditional website listing.

While a Google result usually brings to mind a website listing, a SERP includes much more than a list of websites. As Google continues to experiment with AI, search results even include AI-generated results to questions. Below are a few of the most common SERP features that can be found on Google:

1. Featured Snippets

These boxes at the top of the search results page offer a CliffNotes-style summarized answer to your search query. 

2. Knowledge Panels

Knowledge Panels include comprehensive information about entities like people, places, companies, and things. 

3. People Also Ask

This feature includes a list of related questions to your original query, each with its own dropdown to give you the answer right then and there.

4. Image Packs

These sections display a grid of images relevant to the search query. Users can browse these images for visual information or inspiration.

5. Local Packs

For location-based searches, Google displays a map and listings of nearby businesses or establishments relevant to the query. Users can find local restaurants, shops, or other points of interest.

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