Why aren’t people converting on Your Website?

Visitors may not convert on your website if the site suffers from technical issues that hinder a positive customer experience, landing pages fail to answer critical customer questions, or your conversion actions are unclear or difficult to complete

In other words, there are many potential reasons why visitors are not converting on your site — in most cases, several factors conspire to discourage a conversion. Maybe your site compiles answers to valuable questions, but those answers are difficult to find due to a convoluted site navigation and slow page speed. Maybe your call to actions are well placed on important pages, but require too much information that customers don’t want to or don’t feel safe providing. Or, maybe, you’re doing everything right, but simply not calculating conversions correctly. 

To improve site conversion and minimize user experience obstacles, consider the following: 

  • Ensure your site is functional, fast, and accessible to visitors.
  • Conduct keyword and content research to determine whether Google ranks your content for relevant keywords, if your site requires additional content to instill confidence in ‘wouldbe’ converters, and how competitors manage their customers’ journeys.
  • Test whether your site is easy to navigate and provides visitors with clear next steps once they’ve landed on a page.
  • Analyze the conversion data on your site to determine whether your pages compel a desired action and ensure you’re correctly measuring the right metrics.  

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