Why Is Conversion Rate Optimization Important?

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is important because it allows you to increase your number of best fit customers, amplifies other marketing and SEO efforts, and helps you to understand your customers better.

To give a bit more background, CRO is the process of turning more users into customers through website optimizations. Usually, the process begins with a deep dive into your current customer base to understand what changes need to be made to your website to attract and convert more of these types of users. Then, those changes are made on the website and monitored to determine their efficacy. 

With that being said, we will dive a little deeper into the reasons CRO is important listed above and why they can make such an impact:

1) Increase the number of best fit customers

It goes without saying that CRO is important because it can increase the amount of customers and revenue your site is receiving. However, when done properly, it will also increase the number of best fit customers. While all conversions are valuable, some customers are more likely to champion your product or make a repeat purchase than others. These are the best fit customers for your business, and it is very important to understand what changes to your website can attract more of these types of customers.

2) Amplify other marketing and SEO efforts

Marketing and SEO efforts only go so far without optimizing your website and content for conversions. For example, if SEO or other marketing efforts bring users to your site, but then there is not a clear path to conversion, you lose out on the opportunity to turn users into meaningful revenue. 

Additionally, when your SEO strategy is not informed by conversion rate best practices, it can prevent your campaigns from performing well. Oftentimes we see SEO campaigns targeting users that do not have purchase intent or are not able to convert. This leaves the SEO campaign to see an increase in rankings, but not revenue. It is important to develop a strong CRO strategy before implementing an SEO or marketing campaign so you can target the right customers and they have a clear path to conversion when they land on your site.

3) Understand your customers better

One of the most important benefits of CRO is the ability to better understand your best fit customers, specifically their motivations, pain points, and considerations before buying. Even if you think you know what your customers want and need, take your time researching before diving into optimizing your website. You may be surprised with your findings.

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