Why is an SEO Audit Important?

An SEO audit is important because it helps identify the issues that may be affecting a website’s search engine visibility. Through a comprehensive analysis of a website’s technical infrastructure, content, and backlink profile, an SEO audit can provide actionable insights that can help improve a website’s organic search performance.

An SEO audit will help identify weak spots in your current strategy so that these issues can be addressed before they become serious problems for your business. 

For example, SEO audits can uncover:

  • Whether you’re targeting the right keywords for your business. For instance, while white t-shirt is relevant, it may be too difficult for a new business with limited word-of-mouth to rank for, and something more specific like baggy cropped white t-shirt may be more attainable.
  • How good your backlink profile is, and if the poor quality of your backlink profile could be sending the wrong message to Google.
  • Whether you have crawlability issues which could prevent Google from ever accessing your website in the first place.
  • Website maintenance issues – when was the last time you checked how a page looks on both desktop and mobile? Do all the links in your navigation work? Do you have outdated information on your website?

Additionally, even if you’ve done a website SEO audit before – did more than a year pass since your last audit? Search engine algorithms constantly change, and you want to make sure that your website is keeping up with the changes.

The findings from an audit will help inform any future changes or updates that need to be made to ensure that your site remains optimized for these ever-changing algorithms.

Wondering if you need a website audit? Book a free consultation with Fire&Spark to determine how big of an opportunity your website has to achieve results with SEO considering the current state of your website and your competitive landscape.

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