Where Should You Consider Inserting Calls to Action Throughout Your Blog Posts?

You should consider inserting CTAs at least once within the actual text (where it contextually fits), at the bottom of the article, and, if applicable, in the sidebar or top navigation.

In-text CTAs should include an offer linked to the topic that paragraph/section is talking about, or complimentary content that could resolve rising questions. That way, any questions that the reader may have or problems they may have identified are immediately resolved, and they may move on to an immediate conversion even without reading the rest of the blog post.


When users read web content, they scan the page top to bottom, and left to right (a “Z pattern”). Placing CTAs at the very bottom of the text or in a right-hand sidebar is your best chance to also catch the attention of users that are only skimming through the page and not reading it word-for-word. If you don’t have a sidebar, you can also place a CTA in the right hand corner of your top navigation. Make sure your nav is sticky, (the navigation bar follows the user as they scroll through the page).

Finally, keep in mind that these are all general recommendations that don’t necessarily work (best) for all websites. You can use a heat-mapping software like Hotjar or Microsoft Clarity to identify which sections of your blog posts users spend the most time on, how far they scroll, and which areas are they most likely to click on. Use this data to strategically place CTAs that address user behavior pain points.

If you’ve tested out different CTA placements and still don’t see any conversions, there are other issues you can look into: the messaging, the style of the CTA, and the offer. Maybe, however, the issue is the fact that the content you’re creating doesn’t capture the user intent.

Request a free opportunity analysis from Fire&Spark. We’ll review your website and give you our honest assessment of what your pain points with content marketing (and/or SEO) may be, and how you could solve them.

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