What types of SEO keywords should you target to grow organic sales?

To grow organic sales, you need to target long-tail queries that have high conversion intent for users making a purchase decision. Don’t get stuck simply targeting high volume, generic keywords in an attempt to maximize traffic. While some of these terms make sense to target, focusing solely on them is unlikely to deliver conversions and sales. To create SEO content that drives high intent traffic and converts you must thoroughly understand the specific questions, issues, and concerns your sales prospects have as they research solutions to their problems during the buyer’s journey.

This often means uncovering and targeting longer, more nuanced long-tail queries that reveal the detailed aspects prospects want to understand at different stages, versus only going after short head terms. Relying solely on keyword research tools and data is not enough – these miss many relevant long-tail queries prospects actually search for. The best way to reveal the full spectrum of terms to target is having direct conversations with real prospects to surface the detailed and specific questions they want answered before making a purchase decision.

Ideally, you want to focus the majority of your effort on creating content that addresses specific questions and concerns, using your customer’s own vocabulary and framing. This content will provide far more value to them compared to content only optimized for high volume keywords.

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