What Is Organic Traffic In Google Analytics?

In Google Analytics, organic traffic refers to all website visitors who arrived from search engine results pages (SERPs) without clicking on a paid ad. When you search for a keyword, like “ecommerce seo agency in boston”, all websites listed under paid ads are organic search listings:


Any search result that says “Sponsored” is a paid ad and therefore not an organic listing: 


To locate organic traffic data within Google Analytics 4 (GA4), follow these instructions:

Access the Traffic Acquisition Report:

  • Log into your GA4 account.
  • Navigate to the Reports section in the left sidebar.
  • Under Life Cycle, click on Traffic Acquisition.


View Organic Traffic Breakdown:

  • You’ll immediately see a chart displaying the distribution of traffic by channel.
  • Focus on the Organic Search section highlighted in blue; this represents your organic traffic.
  • You can access metrics like the number of users, sessions, engagement rate, and bounce rate specifically for organic search.


Additional Tips:

  • Analyze organic traffic alongside other channels to understand its performance and contribution to your overall website traffic.
  • Monitor organic traffic trends over time to measure the impact of your SEO efforts and identify areas for improvement.
  • Establish clear goals for organic traffic growth and track your progress towards them to ensure a strategic and results-driven SEO strategy.
  • Use Google Search Console for keyword-specific data and insights.


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