Is Squarespace Bad for SEO?

Squarespace is not bad for SEO if you are a smaller business where SEO is not the primary channel. However, if you are a larger business and SEO is your primary channel, Squarespace may not be the best choice.

Generally, there are 3 key areas for SEO optimization: site content, authority building, and technical site optimizations. Using Squarespace will not impact your ability to produce and optimize site content or build authority for your site. However, there are limitations in Squarespace on the type of technical changes that can be made. 

The primary issue with website builders like Squarespace is that site owners have a lack of control over their site code. This limits the ability to control areas that are important for SEO, such as site speed, image compression, and schema. While this may not be a problem for smaller websites in a less competitive industry, larger websites in highly competitive industries may opt for a custom site or use a site builder with feature-rich SEO plugins, like WordPress. 

Overall, whether or not Squarespace will negatively impact your site’s SEO performance depends on the size of your business and how competitive your industry is. If you have any questions about what site builder is best for your site, schedule a free SEO discovery session below:

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