How Would a New Website Attract Users?

A new website can attract users via word of mouth, adjacent marketing channels, PR, your old website, subscriptions, or SEO.

  • Word of Mouth: If your business has established partner organizations, then they could promote your business’ new website to their own client base and announce its launch. The same goes for contacts in your network, old and new colleagues, old clients from previous businesses, board members, friends, etc. The more people personally share the news, the faster word will spread.
  • Adjacent Marketing Channels: If you have an active social media presence, are running ads (like social paid ads), are doing influencer marketing, etc, you may want to consider allocating a fraction of that budget & space to share the news of your new website’s launch.
  • PR: Write a press release informing users about your new site, or join podcasts & interviews with the sole reason of showcasing your new website to viewers.
  • Subscriptions: If you have a closed social media group for your clients/customers, an in-app messaging system (for tech businesses/SAAS companies), an email newsletter list, a Viber/Telegram/Discord chat group, and the alike – you can send a direct message to all your clients informing them that your business now has a website, or that you migrated to a new site. Likely, most of them will open the website to check it out, and then a good portion will also forward the link to their friends & acquaintances.
  • SEO: Creating enticing content targeting attainable, low-difficulty, low-competition keywords for a new site (“low-hanging fruit”) can not only attract the initial user base to your site, but if the content is evergreen – it can continue driving traffic to your site even after you build a user base. Additionally, link-building outreach can majorly compliment your digital PR efforts. If you have a physical location, local SEO efforts via directory listing submissions and optimizing your Google Business Profile will help put your website stand neck-to-neck with your email, address and phone number, no matter how your customers and clients are searching for you.

Finally, you don’t need to continuously run campaigns promoting your site in order for users to discover it. Once the ball starts rolling and people get familiar with your brand, your domain will become an integral part of your business, and new customers will know how to find you even without you prompting them to do so.

Once your site gains traction, you can decide whether you’re satisfied with the amount of exposure you’re getting through your site in specific, or if you want to continue creating content that will keep attracting more non-branded traffic.

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