How do you create targeted SEO Content from sales interactions?

When researching ideas for SEO content, one of the most valuable idea-banks comes from your sales interactions. Whether it be information coming from transcripts of sales calls, your website’s Chatbot history, or customer service questions, all of these sources hold a wealth of content ideas.

Create SEO content from sales interactions by:

1) Transitioning away from sourcing topic ideas from brainstorming sessions and instead, closely addressing the real-time needs your prospects and customers express.

2) Building a workflow where you regularly review customer support emails, listen to sales calls, analyze call transcripts, and identify the key questions, issues, or concerns that get raised.

3) Choosing the right form of content to directly address those questions or concerns – this might be FAQs, niche content pages, short how-to articles, etc.

4) Creating each piece of content with the specific individual who originally raised the issue in mind.

Leveraging AI tools and automation can help scale ongoing daily content production based on the latest questions and concerns from real prospects. But process and mindset are just as important – instill the discipline of continually creating content from real customer interactions. Make sure your team is having regular conversations with prospects across the buyer’s journey, and turning those learnings into valuable content on an ongoing basis.

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