How Many People Only Look at the First Page of Google Results?

It’s estimated that over 99% of searchers only look at the first page of Google results, or, at the very least – only interact with results from Page 1 of Google SERPs. With Google introducing more SERP features (rich results) and more ways to search, page 2 rankings are becoming even less valuable.

Google is progressively making Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) more rich, valuable, and interactive. A few years ago, all you could see on search were regular results pages (aka the “10 blue links”). Nowadays, Google SERPs are filled with People Also Ask boxes, recipes, job listings, even actual product grids with full-fledged filtering functionality – featuring a holistic shopping experience across all retailers ever to rank on Google.

With all the new features and functionalities on Google SERPs, scrolling to page 2 and beyond is becoming more and more obsolete. To combat this, Google is testing infinite scroll on certain SERPs so that there virtually is no page 2. However, even with doing so, rankings and visibility with SEO are only as valuable as is the traffic coming to your site from those rankings – and a recent study by Backlinko identified that only 0.63% of users actually click on a result ranking on the second page (or it’s scrolled equivalent) of Google SERPs.

The best way to ensure organic click-through rates is to rank first, or to rank in “position zero” – the featured snippet position, which precedes first-position rankings. The first ranking result on SERPs has an average CTR of 27.6%.

In a competitive industry, ranking first on traditional results is no easy task – but you can utilize the power of Featured Snippets, Products & Other Rich Results to improve your site’s visbility in search. Not sure how you can achieve that? Contact Fire&Spark for a free SEO opportunity analysis for your business.

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