Does Quora Help with SEO?

Quora Answers cannot help with your website’s Authority Building because they are tagged as no-follow links. However, Quora SEO can be beneficial for building your referral audience and raising brand awareness.

A few years ago, webmasters and SEOs would spam links on forums, such as Quora, to gain natural, free, high-authority backlinks, with optimized anchor text, and minimum effort (compared to traditional link-building).

Google, as well as these platforms, caught onto these black-hat practices over time. Nowadays, UGC content (such as links on forum posts, forum replies, in social media shares, on post comments, etc.) no longer builds website authority. Most online spaces where UGC is possible now default any links in the content as no-follow, meaning the website no longer passes on any of its authority to the link destination page.

But authority building isn’t the only way a website can benefit from being active on Quora. If your website is newer and is slow to gain traction on Google for high-intent searches, Quora can be your gateway to free, instant promotion of your business or website. Participate in trending discussions, and if your answer gets upvoted – you’ll instantly get featured to the hundreds, if not thousands, of Quora visitors lurking on that post. 

Likewise, you can utilize the power of Quora SEO, aka – tagging along on posts that are currently ranking on Google Search, or post questions yourself using question keywords that have identified search volume in industry-leading tools such as SEMrush or Ahrefs. Because of Quora’s high authority, there is a high chance that your question on Quora will appear on Search Engine Results Pages. If you manage to mention, or link to, your business, that is still valuable exposure for your company.

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