Does Posting on Google My Business Help SEO?

Google My Business (GMB) is one of the most effective tools for local businesses to improve their SEO. Having an optimized Google My Business profile will attract new customers and can also improve local search rankings.

Google notes that if local businesses are not ranking for local searches, the best way to improve organic visibility is by ensuring “that your business information in Business Profile is accurate, complete, and engaging”. This means not only including accurate business information, but making the most of your GMB profile by also posting engaging content. 

Unlike your website, which may target various search intents, it is important to recognize that most users interacting with your GMB profile have a transactional search intent. For example, someone searching for “pet food near me” knows that they want to buy pet food, it’s just a matter of where they will make that purchase. On the other hand, someone searching “pet food” may have an informational intent, and might be researching types of pet food instead of making a purchase. 

This is important to note because your content strategy for GMB will likely not be the same as your content strategy for your website. You will want to fulfill the more transactional search intent by including promotional and sales-related content. A few transactional post ideas for GMB include:

  • Announcements for special offers or sales
  • New products at your storefront
  • Introduction videos of the team or business space
  • Customer spotlights
  • Seasonal offerings

Generally, you should be posting anything that you think would encourage a user to choose your business location, so highlighting unique business differentiators is essential.

If you have any other questions about creating an optimized GMB profile:

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