Do SEO Agencies Write Content?

SEO agencies don’t necessarily have to write content. SEO specialists aren’t writers by default, but SEO specialists can work with writers to make sure the content they’re creating is optimized for search engines.

Many SEO agencies don’t have in-house writers, and Fire&Spark is no exception. We work with a team of external expert writers we know and trust, which we connect with our clients or manage for our clients when they don’t have in-house resources. Some of our clients, however, also do have writers in-house, or other experts with enough writing skills and knowledge to create content that will do well on search.

The role of SEOs in the writing process is to:

  • Coach writers on how to write with SEO in mind
  • Research topics & keywords that the client can rank for
  • Provide content briefs summarizing the research / requirements to rank for a given set of terms
  • Do an editorial review of the content focusing on the readability and quality of information
  • Do an editorial review focusing on optimization and structure
  • Publish the content – if the client has shared backend access
  • Monitor the content’s performance & recommend further improvements – if necessary

So, while SEO agencies don’t always write content themselves, they may still offer content creation as part of their services in collaboration with external writers, and they’re the strategic brain that will transform the content from simply being readable to also being searchable.

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