How do you improve your SEO content by talking to more sales prospects?

You can improve your SEO content through talking to sales prospects by understanding what closes a sale, learning the pain points of customers, and identifying what key criteria customers consider before they make a purchase.

There are several strategies successful marketing teams use to get their prospects on the phone or capture sales conversations to inform SEO content. The key is to move beyond keyword research tools and uncover creative sources of customer conversations that your marketing team can tap into, whether directly or indirectly. Develop processes to capture or listen in on prospect interactions through various channels. Then, diligently mine the conversations to extract insights to inform your SEO content strategy and creation.

Make this a continual process. Use AI tools to scale transcription and analysis of prospect interactions while continually circulating new insights back into the content creation process. The more real prospect conversations you can expose your marketing team to, the better your SEO content will resonate with and engage your ideal buyers.

Additionally, by proactively reaching out to prospects requesting a quick phone call you will better understand their needs. Offering small incentives in exchange for a 30 minute phone call work, such as a $50 Amazon gift card, can work to get prospects on the phone. Listening in on sales calls and having SDRs record and transcribe prospect calls can also provide a treasure trove of customer insights that reveal questions to address in content. 

Here are a few other ways to access insights from sales prospects:

  • Attending industry conferences, tradeshows and other events that your customers attend can give you broader exposure to the challenges, issues, and concerns your buyers care about across their journey.
  • Analyzing chat and messaging transcripts between prospects and sales teams can help you identify customer concerns. 
  • Monitoring product reviews and testimonials for clues about your customers’ content needs.

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