What Industries Need SEO The Most?

SEO is essential for any business with an online presence, but certain industries may benefit more from SEO than others, most notably: eCommerce, financial services, travel & tourism, healthcare, legal, and real estate.

Why do you need SEO for eCommerce?

Nearly half of all shoppers start their product search on Search Engines. With recent initiatives by search engines like Google to make shopping a more immersive experience with rich product listing results, eCommerce websites need to invest in SEO in order to grab users’ attention as they’re scrolling through.

Why do you need SEO for finance?

Google’s helpful content guidelines state that Google places special emphasis on evaluating content that will have a direct effect on someone’s “financial stability, or safety of people, or the welfare or well-being of society”. 

As financial sectors reportedly have one of the largest recent increases in fraudulent activity, and billing fraud being one of the most common types of occupational fraud, the financial industry is always under close scrutiny of Google’s algorithm. It’s absolutely crucial that your content demonstrates trustworthiness, expertise, reliability, and authority – following Google Search Essentials’ guidelines & recommendations.

Why do you need SEO for healthcare?

When it comes to healthcare SEO, Google reports that 1 in 20 searches is health-related. People often Google their symptoms, medication side effects, or affirmed conditions before seeking further medical care. 

Being the go-to resource for these questions is a huge opportunity to not only gain more traffic, but attract only qualified leads. AKA, if you can reassure a patient that a certain worry doesn’t warrant a doctor’s consultation, you’re already weeding out consultations from unqualified patients who don’t actually require your services.

Why do you need SEO for the legal industry?

For law firmslocal SEO is crucial. In fact, ⅔ of all traffic and conversions for law firms reportedly comes from organic search. Local SEO is an important component of local businesses, as users mostly look up law firms in their local area – relying on the top results from Google’s map pack to inform their decision. 

Why do you need SEO for real estate?

Similarly to law firm trends, Ruler reports that around 57% of real estate traffic also comes from organic. Aside from specifically looking for listings in their local area, users also rely on the map pack to find agents and agencies in their local area.

You want your business to turn up as one of the top results on maps when users look for legal or real estate services near them.

Why do you need SEO for the travel industry?

Ruler also conducted research from information collected in their database for the travel industry. Their findings revealed that, on average, organic traffic accounts for over 30% of all website traffic. Holiday planners turn to Google to compare prices and experiences for agencies, travel companies, and rentals or hotels they plan on booking for their vacation.

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