Why is the Homepage Important?

The homepage is the most important page on a website because the homepage is often the most viewed page on any website. If the homepage doesn’t prompt them to explore the site further, they will bounce.

A homepage should really be considered as a one-page flier for your business and your website. Among other things, it should give the user a brief overview of:

  • What your business is
  • What you offer
  • Social proof (reviews, testimonials, partners, PR)

You can then use outlinks to specific landing pages, collections, and product/service pages to elaborate more on each point. 

Users go to your homepage when they’re just casually browsing, or when they don’t know exactly where they can find the information they need. Because of this, the homepage is also the best place to highlight any deals, discounts, promotions, events, limited edition items and services, or any other special offers you want to draw extra attention to.

Over two thirds of users reported wanting to easily find product and service information on a website’s homepage. Despite that, over 70% of small businesses don’t put any CTAs on their homepage. 

The most common mistakes we’ve seen new businesses make with their online marketing related to the homepage are:

Over-optimizing the homepage for SEO, not taking content or UX into account, compromising conversion potential.

  • Making the homepage too minimalistic, confusing new users and visitors as to what your website is about, consequently increasing bounce rates.

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